Rectory Farm

Rectory Farm

A large new public park will be created as part of an infrastructural masterplan to regenerate disused farmland in the Green Belt adjacent to Heathrow Airport. This development will transform Rectory Farm into a public amenity and a valuable asset for the local residents. The undulating and botanically diverse landscape of the new park will be accessible to the public from ‘day one’, immediately linking neighbouring communities, while providing safe routes to school or work.

Historically, the site known as Rectory Farm was used as Grade 2 agricultural land but due to antisocial behaviour, vandalism and concerns over food safety, it has not been farmed since 1996. The site is privately owned and currently it gives no access to the public and serves only as a visual amenity.

This project is part of a masterplan for the 44 hectare site which will be realised over the next decade and will deliver Hounslow’s appointment for a minimum mineral reserve as set out by the London Plan. The mineral extraction will take place discreetly beneath the park’s surface through an innovative ‘top-down’ construction method, whereby the process is contained below ground in contrast to open cast mining.

Following the excavation beneath the park, a concrete basement structure will be completed to create 180,000 m2 of underground space. To transform this derelict site into a public park requires a reliable and continuous stream of funding and the proposed subterranean lettable warehouse space will assure that the park is developed and maintained in perpetuity. Together with the immediate extraction and construction this will attract new economic development to the area, providing a wealth of local job opportunities further benefitting Hounslow.

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Client: Formal Investments
Location: Hounslow, London
Renders: Forbes Massie / VOGT / Carmody Groarke

Rectory Farm
Rectory Farm